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 1. A szolgáltató

Name: Nagygyörgy Ágnes – Katás vállalkozó

Telephone: + 36 30 516 1764


Address: 1126 Budapest, Hollósy Simon utca 15. 1 em 4.

Tax number: 8363173215

Registration number:  57292278

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Budapest


 2 . The hosting provider

Name: WIX Ltd.

Registered office: Namal Tel Aviv 40
6350671 Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Telephone: +3694200210 

E-mail: netops (at) wix (dot) com



 3. Declaration

The Secrets of Vision programs and individual guidance are not

medical or psychotherapeutic processes.

They are not intended to be a medical treatment or a substitute for medical treatment.

In case of health issues or illness, please consult your doctor.

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