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The SoL Retreat Center

is the realization of an old dream. When I was little I lived for a year in a small, simple house with an old lady and her husband in a village in Hungary. It was truly a fairy tale. Everything there was rudimentary, and I experienced no feeling other than unconditional love.



This experience forms the foundation of my life to this day.

When the time was right, after living abroad for 30 years , the desire arose within me to return to these roots that shaped me so strongly. The SoL Retreat Center is a reflection of this experience.

Thus, this home became the place where I can give back everything I have been given in my life. And so was born the SoL Retreat Center.

The building is a 100-year-old adobe house with a new part added in appropriate style. It is located in the middle of a small village, Kötcse, close to Lake Balaton.

An immense garden surrounds the house with a forest as background.
It is a place where everyone comes home. The atmosphere is soft, protective and deeply grounded. Everything breathes peace, simplicity, love.

The SoL Retreat Center belongs to everyone who comes to learn,

to relax and to discover new horizons.

This is the atmosphere in which I want to develop the house and the domain.

This is the feeling of life I want to pass on.

The activities that go on here promote self-knowledge, awareness, deepening, finding your inner stillness and your connection with the Greater Whole.

If you teach your own courses in similar topics

and would like to host a retreat at the SoL Retreat Center,

please contact me to discuss the details.

kert vége.jpeg


The SoL Retreat Center

is not a hotel but a house,

suited to accomodate +/- 10 people.

Working - The Studio:

In the work space, The Studio, ten to twelve people can sit, work, meditate, or practice yoga.


 - There is a separate bedroom with 2 beds.

- In the living room there are 2 large couches that convert to beds.

- On the sleeping -attic (equipped with Airco) there are 5 matrasses.

- In the Studio there are 2 beds.


The kitchen is fully equipped. there are also two fridges.

There are two bathrooms and three toilets.

(Under no circumstances is the house rented to individuals or for parties. Only for group courses or individual retreats).

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