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The purpose of individual work is to connect you to your own deeper truth, your true being and the personal potential that comes from it.

When we lose this connection in our lives, we lose our inner compass and stability.

A return to our own pure consciousness is essential in any personal process

of self-awareness and transformation.

Energy reading and individual work: fully booked for the time being.
If you are interested, please sign up for the waiting list by email.

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What is an energy reading?

Perception testing is based on intuitive, energetic contact, which is created by being able to tune into the energies within and around you. This is pure perception. Since the energies are not bound by time and place, your personal presence is not required.

What is the purpose of an energy reading?

The purpose of a perception test is to map the energies that are present within you and that surround and operate you.

Why is it necessary and useful?

Perception of energies is important because energies do not lie.

So it is not what we want to show to the outside that is perceived, but what is really present within us.

The perception test not only reveals the source of the problems within you, but also the potential within your being.

An energy reading consists of two parts:

1. During the first energy reading, I focus exclusively on your person, on what is energetically connected to you. I will write down what I perceive and then share it with you in a 1-hour conversation at a mutually agreed time. You will also receive the findings in writing.

2. This is followed by a second reading, called a relationship reading, where I place three, or up to four, of your relatives or other close connections next to your own energies, to see how these relationships affect you. This phase is useful because no one lives in an isolated reality, but in a network of energetic connections that you are often unaware of. For example, you may be affected by the energies of people with whom you are no longer in contact.

A relationship reading also does not require your personal presence.

I will also share the findings here in a 1 - 1.5 hour conversation.

You will also receive the complete material of the relationship perception in written form.

Depending on the nature of your situation, the relationship reading may be omitted.

What is needed for energy reading?

For the first (individual) reading, I need a photo of you, taken not too long ago, with your face clearly visible (can be a selfie). Also, please summarize in a few sentences what is bothering you, what is a problem or issue in your life. Send the photo and questions by e-mail.

For the second (relational) perception, I need the exact names of the people you have identified, their relationship to you (e.g. my partner, my mum) and, if possible, a photo of them.

You can also indicate in a few words how you feel about them.

Important: In relationship reading, I only look at the energy of the people you are asking about in regards to how they affect you!

I use the names and photos requested for the purpose of the reading only!


First perception test (1 hour) and consultation (1 hour): 20.000 HUF.

From then on, each hour is 12.000 Ft.

In the case of relationship reading, it is not possible to predict exactly how long it will take. Usually one hour, max. one and a half hours. You will always be charged in proportion to the time spent.

The subsequent 1 hour meeting is 12.000 Ft.


Meetings for discussing the findings can be held online or in person.

Also important to know:

You take part in the energy reading at your own responsability. A reading is in no way a medical diagnosis.


Ági is the most exceptional spiritual advisor I have met (although I have seen others in this field). The precision in her vision is matched by an unearthly sophistication. He sees aspects and contexts of life that usually completely change the way things are seen compared to the original picture.

The way she communicates her perceptions is simple, to the point and revealing.

So yes, it is sometimes a little uncomfortable because reveals so much about whatever is present. She doesn't tell me what I want to hear, but what I need to hear, and she does it with such pure love and infinite patience that I can't close my eyes to her messages.


Dear Ági! Thank you for everything.  Especially for confirming me in my faith! This is an important thing for me. I thank the Creator for letting me know you. God bless you, I wish that you can help and guide many more people. Believe me, this is a very big thing. I hug you!

(N. É.)

Ági's clear-sentience gives you a wonderful, but after a while almost self-evident, foundation and guidance that points out the real pain points and problems in your personal life and relationships with astonishing precision, and then she helps you to solve them with understanding, respect and love.(F. V. K.)


You may know many techniques and excellent methods,

but as long as you don't learn to connect with yourself from the heart

and deeply attune to the essence of your being,

you will never feel at home in yourself.


Individual work leads you to the Self you have always felt you were, but lost sight of.

This happens through the perception and understanding of your own energies.

When you find your way back home to it, you can live, create and love in the world

joyfully and effectively through your own clear consciousness.

The essence of the individual process

In individual sessions, problems are never approached from within the problems themselves or from their analysis, but always from a state of pure consciousness, which can see things from a much freer, more spacious, non-reactive space.

Connecting to this clear, wordless state is one of the most important goals and tools of individual guidance, because it opens up the energy space within and around us that is the essential basis for change!

What do you need to know about individual work?

Individual work is basically non-therapeutic conversations, although we will of course discuss any issues you would like to share.

We do not approach problem solving in a mental way, but based on the perception of energies. Everyone can do this - after a few short exercises - because everyone is energy!

Before each session, I tune into your energies to get a sense of your current energy state and the results of your sessions and individual work.

Through infinitely simple, effective, purposefully guided perceptions, exercises and meditations, you will achieve a deeper connection to the topic at hand.

Important: The goal is never to eliminate the problem completely, but to release its self-limiting energy and reintegrate it back into yourself as inner knowing.

Homework: between each session, you will always be given exercises or questions that will help you to understand all aspects of the problem in your everyday life.

Continuous contact: there is the possibility of brief communication by e-mail between sessions.

You will receive everything in writing: a brief summary of the exercises and topics of each session will be provided in writing after the session.

The number of sessions required cannot be predetermined: it depends on your current spiritual, emotional and energetic state, and on the topic at hand. It can range from two or three sessions to a long collaboration lasting months.

We set the schedule of sessions together: usually every two weeks.

Egyéni útmutatás

Reviews on individual work

"Ági teaches honesty from the deepest layers. She is precise, attentive and leads the way so softly that hardened hearts soften and dissolve."(K.D.)

"I appreciate Agnes' simple, direct teaching attitude, not to increase the purple haze, but to teach the perception of energy through simple, easy to follow steps. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get out of their head a bit and listen more to their intuition."(T.Zs.)

"Dear Ági, I can't help but love the nobly simple logical guidance you bring to your clients in bringing this often "hocus-pocus" explained energetic world closer to them. For me, this video has also given me a lot and convinced me, or rather led me to the conclusion that we can indeed get tangible, usable, (self-)healing knowledge here. I'm always fulfilled by working with you, and the knowledge that comes from the work, when I use it, is also fulfilling."

tölt." (H.P.E.) 

What problems are people bringing to me?

- Questions on spiritual connection
("I feel I have abilities, but I don't know how and what to do with them..." )
- Individual pathfinding, reorientation in life
("I feel I am not on my own path, I am not living my own life")
- Internal anxiety, insecurity
("I've got a lot of things figured out, but I still have anxiety.")
- Relationship problems
("I love my partner, but he hinders my progress...")

Individual work is not psychotherapy and is not intended to solve medical problems.


12 000Ft/ hour

The sessions usually last 1.5 hours.

How to apply:

You can register for individual guidance via e-mail:

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