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Every human life is propelled by an inner force, a deep desire that compels us to action.

We often do not know what this force is, or what we can or should do with it.

Deep neediness and sometimes despair compel us to search for a solution, for liberation from doubt.

This search can feel heavy and arduous, but gradually our path begins to emerge and the veils fall from our eyes.

From small, personal issues, we come to larger, more encompassing questions:

Why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence?

On our path, which is not a task on the sidelines of life, but life itself, we learn all we must learn in order to become who we really are.


On my long and winding path marked by sickness and despair, the light began to shine when I discovered - thanks to the wisdom of others -, that it is all a matter of how I see things and that by changing my way of seeing things, my life can and will also change. That it is all a matter of consciousness. When I understood this and began to integrate it into my life, my life purpose emerged prominently: Giving. Giving to others what I have experienced and learned myself. Giving from the heart, the only true source of wisdom.

And so The Secrets of Looking was born in all its different facets: the Basic Energy Course, the Relational and Spiritual Courses, the online Chakra course, the multifaceted Intuition course, and the individual guidance based on clairsentient observations. And this is also how the SoL Retreat Center was born in Hungary.


Change is possible. I know it from my own experience. 

My life purpose is to help you with this, to be a small link in your happiness.


Thank you for joining me. 

Thank you for trusting me.

My life contained many interesting adventures, contradictions, quests, hopes

and despair. Then I discovered another world, seemingly not different from the one before, but yet completely different, where everything can be

a source of happiness and joy.

I know it is possible.

An autobiography is an adventure that could be rewritten every week. The past is certain, but we don't know what the future will bring. We don't know in advance which facts will be vital turning points in hindsight.

I was born in Hungary (06.08.1966) and lived there until I finished my first university studies

(Master of Arts in 1990, JATE).

After that I studied fine arts in the USA and graduated as a sculptor in 1994 (Master of Fine Arts, UofO).

In the same year I got married, also in America, and we moved to Belgium. My husband Filip Van Kerckhoven is a Belgian artist and ecologist (A Biosphere Project). We later had 2 sons who have since grown into wonderful young adults.

I have taught fine arts, mainly sculpture, for nearly 30 years in private schools and Academies of Fine Arts in Belgium. I worked actively as a visual artist for more than 25 years.

The study of human consciousness and spiritual traditions has accompanied me throughout my whole adult life and has gradually become my major focus.

Én kék blúzban

In 2016, I began developing creative self-development programs which I brought together under the name

The Secrets of Looking (SoL).

The Secrets of Looking integrated and gave new form to my previous studies, experiences and my belief that creativity and a deeper understanding of oneself are the foundation of a better, fuller and freer life. 

Around 2019 I discovered that I had the gift of clairsentience and this led me to an intensive study of every aspect of subtle energies.  It was love at first sight! 

I gave up my job as a sculptor and since then I have devoted my whole life to discovering ever deeper layers of  the wonders of subtle energies. In the last years I developed a series of courses on energies for a broad public and have worked with people individually as an intuition and energy guide.

In 2019 I founded The Secret of Looking Retreat Center (SoL Retreat Center).

The search for the ideal location led me back to my roots in Hungary. The SoL Center is located in a small village in the Somogy hills, near Lake Balaton. The building is a 120-year-old farmhouse with a newly added creative/meditation space. The large garden borders an acacia forest. This place radiates peace and security and gives home to The Secrets of Looking Courses and Individual Retreats.

In 2022 I started teaching Energy Classes for a broad public in Budapest and other cities in Hungary.

An interview with an alternative TV station gave rise to a boost in interest towards my work. Since then I offer more and more classes every months. My courses are widely attended.


The Secrets of Looking courses and individual guidance are also available in Belgium and The Netherlands in Dutch and in English.


I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1966

1985-1990 Universitary studies at JATE, Szeged (MA)

1990-1994 Universitary studies in the U.S. (MFA)

1994-2019 I lived and worked in Belgium as an independent artist and was teaching sculpture at the Academy of  Fine Arts in Aarschot and in Turnhout

In 2018 I devloped The Secrets of Looking, a program for self-development and self-knowledge through creativity, and I began to deliver this program in the form of workshops in Belgium and Hungary.

Since 2019, I have been living and working partly in Hungary as an intuition and energy guide and teaching online and offline courses and meditations

In 2019 I created the SoL Retreat Center in Hungary.


My universitary degree and diplomas:

József Attila University, Master of Arts, 1990.

University of Oregon, USA: Master of Fine Arts, 1994.


Scholarships and Awards:

During my university studies, I received several scholarships for my academic achievements in Hungary, Italy and the US.

I have won awards for my artwork in the US and Belgium.


Self-development and spirituality

Since 1990 I have been practicing meditation and actively engaged in consciousness development: zen meditation, yoga, tai-chi, chi-kung, Silva method, mindfulness.

In 2014-2015 I completed the full Avatar training (Harry Palmer) and obtained the title of Avatar Master.

In 2019-2022, I participated in Lélekhang training by Mária Filotás in Hungary.


Energetic studies:

Since 2019, I have actively studied the subtle energies of the body and consciousness, followed courses on quantum theory

My mentors and sources of inspiration have been: Barbara Ann Brennan, Donna Eden, Jeffrey Allen and Anodea Judith.

Many people have supported me on my long journey.
Without their continued encouragement, faith and trust,

I could never have realized these dreams.
Thank you all!

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