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On this page, I would like to introduce myself.

Who am I, what can you learn from me and how can I help you on your journey?

I am glad we’ve found each other!

Discover The Secrets of Looking programs 

which will lead you into the world of subtle energies and intuition.

It's not about intellectual knowledge but about learning to feel.


These are the main principles of all my programs.

What can you learn from me?

In the Secrets of Looking programs you will not merely learn techniques, although you will acquire some very valuable methods, but rather a new way of looking at life.

At the heart of this approach to life are ENERGIES,

because they constitute the basis of life. 

After familiarizing yourself with energy work, you won’t see and feel yourself any more as a separate psyche enclosed in matter, i.e., a set of fixed thoughts enclosed in a body, but as energy that is part of a larger flow of energy.

The view of the psyche as enclosed in matter gives us a sense of immutability,

whereas if we perceive ourselves as energy, we experience a sense of

lightness, malleability and transformability.

Personal transformation is much easier from this starting point.

Would you like to know why my programs are called THE SECRETS OF LOOKING?

Years ago, when I was working as a visual artist, the most important way for me to connect with the world was sight. Since then I have mastered the art of clairsentience. It's a different kind of seeing, which offers insights  behind the scenes of life through the perception of subtle energies. This way of seeing can lead you to experiencing deeper mysteries of existence.

Reviews on the courses

"This course is simply a miracle! Everything you showed us about the invisible energies is completely clear and beyond any doubt. 

I could see with my own eyes how it all works, even though I am a rational person and have no

special abilities. You made everything tangible and real to me.

I have learned a lot! Thank you very much!"

"It was all fantastic and I have been using the simple energy practice ever since. My kids also love doing it in the mornings. 

You radiate such calm, warmth and kindness that it is a learning experience in itself. Thank you!" L.S.

"My gratitude to Agnes and the group. It was fantastic to experience the impact of words, thoughts and energies on ourselves and others. I loved the simple exercises and meditations that are extremely effective, yet can be done any time.

I think all participants left with everlasting experiences and insights. Agnes's attention, kindness and expertise added so much to the

course!" (T. Zs.)

How can I help you?

In addition to the courses, you have the option of Individual Work.

Courses and individual consultation complement each other.

While the courses aim to give you a whole new outlook on life, based on the direct perception of life's energies, individual consultation focuses on your

personal search for a way forward, helping to solve your problems and

overcome specific challenges.

The first step in individual consultation is always an Energy Reading.

Individual work can be done online, in live sessions or during individual retreats.

Reviews on Individual Consultation

“The individual consultation exceeded all my expectations. Agnes saw me and perceived my

being like I think nobody had done before. She put it all into words so gently, so softly that even

weeks later I still felt on cloud nine. Every sentence she said touched me deeply, even though I’d

felt in my gut that it was true and familiar, yet her perspective on the mysteries of human existence gave me so much insight .

I can recommend her to everyone, wherever

you are on your journey of self-discovery. The experience was motivating and uplifting in the

noblest sense of the word.” (E. Zs.)

"Agnes's individual consultation is an extraordinary experience! She addresses each person's problems with infinite patience and appreciation. 

She is impeccable, pure and gentle, but at the same time very firm in helping you to find your way through your own inner life and to untangle knots and remove blocks where necessary.

Agnes's clairsentience gives you a wonderful, but soon almost self-evident foundation and

guidance, pointing out the real pain points and problems in your personal life and relationships with clockwork precision, and helping you to solve them with understanding, respect and love.

I wholeheartedly recommend Agnes's courses and individual consultation to everyone. Theyhave been a real turning point for me in my relationship with myself, my loved ones and the world." (F. V. K.)

Do you have a question?

E-mail me!

I look forward to meeting you!

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