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Channelling on Fears, Freedom and Habits

How do you know whose voice you are hearing?

When you connect to the mental, spiritual energies, when you communicate with them, you are not piecing together information from your thoughts, not from what you already know, but the content comes to you as a continuous flow. The perception that is created in you, forces you to be deeply honest. It brings things to the surface in ways you would never think of as possible. It doesn't always show our positive side... The insights and the decisions that come from these perceptions are immediately present in the mediations.

This blog contains one mediation, on April 13, 2023.

The italics are the words of the voice I call my Spiritual Guide.

The lines not in italics are my own questions, doubts, thoughts.

- I feel that somewhere, fear always dominates me. Or maybe it's wrong to say always, but that's how I operate by default. Now I woke up at 4.00 in the morning because this fear dominates me.

Where does this constant fear come from? Where does this constant worry come from?

- Remember, you are in a great transformation. It always comes with fears when we go into the unknown and try to let go of the old. Now here it is often about losing trust in us (spiritual guides), thinking somewhere that you cannot relate to us and that things are false.

When you are in the material, it is really hard to make that connection. You begin to sense that there are more DIMENSIONS involved. These dimensions have seemed like mumbo-jumbo to you, but now you are beginning to allow yourself to sense their existence. This is the most important step in your life. It will form the basis of your existence. It is already the basis of your existence.

It is always a transition between two states of being. For many, many years you have been stuck in earthly material, but now the immaterial reality is becoming more and more real to you. A lot of people are interested in this subject and you can play a mediating role in this, if you dare take the leap.

- It is always a choice. And choices fill us with fear because we think we might not make the right choice.

Always keep your freedom of being open. Feel that nothing else makes sense. That freedom is all there is. You must embody this freedom in the world. From this comes your knowledge and from this comes your knowledge of others. The connection to this has to be practiced, because the material world is visibly about something else. But these are the larger forces that move things. The more you tune into this on a daily basis, the easier your life will be. You will shift your focus to another area and you will see that this is what your life will consist of. It already does.

- But I have to live in the material world, because everyone needs money to live.

- You will always have enough to live. Imagine a rich life, a life you want. Until you can do that, you cannot create from it and you cannot move in that direction. Until then you are always limiting yourself, back into matter, back into scarcity. You have to actively deal with it, what it is like to be free, to dare to decide. Who is not bound by anything and can connect to anything. For now, that's your starting point.

- Remember that things unfold in space and time and that there is much you don't know right now. If you don't limit yourself, it can happen.

The things you have to deal with specifically in the mundane world right now are small things. They'll be taken care of quickly and you'll get them done. Just take them in order and don't try to do more than you can fit into a day. Don't be afraid of them. The whole world is dealing with them and they'll get sorted out. Keep it to yourself and don't try to do more than you can fit into your time.

Always leave yourself time for your own freedom, because for you it is the basis. Freedom is a feeling that you either create in yourself or you don't. Whoever does not create this feeling within himself will never be able to feel it. He will always see it as given to others, but not to herself. You have already made great strides in this, and do not forget this. Dare to say when something is too much for you!

- Sense the one who is afraid. Sense how the one who is afraid creates. She who is afraid always creates from a limited state. She who is free, is open. She who is free is happy. Very few people are truly free. Therefore, there are very few people who are truly happy.

We dare not allow ourselves a sense of inner freedom. Most people do not even know this feeling. If you are free, you can tune into what you really want to decide. If you're stuck in the material world, it's always that perspective that will decide instead of freedom.

The material point of view is sluggish and you have experienced a hundred times how much harder things are when you look at things from that point of view. Deal with it in the open. If you help people connect with the freedom of their soul, you will make them much happier.

Freedom of the soul, expressed in matter, in the body, is the greatest gift and joy of life.

- Habits are based on fear. They keep us in matter and take away our real freedom. Habits limit us tremendously. Discover the difference between freedom and habits.

Habits keep us in need. They compensate for what we dare not set free in ourselves.

- But who is the person I am talking to who is giving me this wise advice? Because I said that I would teach people about this, but I myself do not know who I am communicating with and whether this connection is real?

- There is so much around you that is invisible. They are energies, just like the energies that you already have an idea of and that you are already teaching people about.

A lot of people will come to you because you allow yourself to have knowledge that is available to others, but they can't tune in because they don't allow themselves. It's all a question of allowing.

The wisdom of the world is in energies. These energies stick together and form clusters. You are in contact with a cluster of them. It is difficult for you because it is very intangible. Your faith is important here. Faith is important.

Do not doubt your knowledge.

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