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From Inner Silence to Clarity

So many people have asked me how I developed the ability of clairsentience and what this mystical-sounding concept really means.

I would like to answer that briefly in this post.

I don't think I was born with any special abilities, although I have always been sensitive and very interested in the unseen.

So-called hypersensitivity has always been a negative experience in my life from childhood and has led to a wide variety of illnesses and the suffering that goes with them from a young age.

As is very often the case, it is precisely the need arising from suffering that brings about the great changes and true direction in our lives. It has taken me a lot of effort to get out of many, many illnesses and pains.

The path led me through mind-work, where I soon realised that the key to most things is nothing more than our own mental attitude and the obstacles we create for ourselves.

I have taken many courses, for which I am infinitely grateful, because they all helped me and taught me not to live in my head, but to learn to feel and experience things. For example, I practiced a lot the perception of objects, thus putting my consciousness outside myself. I was always amazed that this was possible.

I also did a lot of meditation, which was very difficult at first, but eventually I reached a deep inner silence, in which I realised that I had no idea who I really was. I think it was in this deep inner silence that I developed the ability to perceive in a clear-sentient way, and I'm sure it's always been there, as I believe it's a sense that we all have.

Clairsentience is not a paranormal ability, nor is it witchcraft.

Anyone can feel measurable energies such as heat or movement.

The same is true of the subtle energies that surround and flow within a person. These, if our perception is sufficiently refined, we can see, feel or otherwise interact with.

I first felt I could sense the energy of others some years ago.

When I realized this, I was very surprised myself and began to study and practice it more deeply. So I came across very interesting books, works written by scientists about the universal energy field around us and quantum theories.

In a few words I will explain how I do the clairsentient perception itself.

The prerequisite is complete mental silence and neutrality. If these are not there, then our thoughts, habit patterns, judgments form the most dominant energies that suppress the subtler perceptions. In my opinion, this is the very obstacle to anyone being able to perceive. Because in fact, as I always say (and which always provokes a great deal of disbelief and laughter) clairsentient perception is not difficult at all.

For me, the process is to first empty myself completely in a short meditation, until I am not influenced by any mental images or thoughts, and then I ask to 'perceive' the person. I then open the space around me and tune into the person. Of course, some kind of connection is necessary: a name, a photo, or the person through whom the question came to me. In this case, I immediately have an energetic image/perception that shows me the energies that are most strongly present. I then perceive the chakras, the aura layers and the relationship energies that influence that person.

Why is it important to sense subtle energies?

There are two basic things to know about this:

1. This perception has of course ethical implications as well, as it gives me a glimpse into someone else's energies and history behind the scenes. It is important to know that this can only work if you are pure of heart and only and only with positive intentions towards the other person, because everyone knows, or perhaps many of us have experienced, how much influence someone else's judgements and thoughts have on us.

2. Another thing to know about this is that what is real for someone is always what they experience in their energies and not what they show outwardly. Most of the time, this is where people have the biggest problem: they show a different image outwardly than they experience inwardly.


In relation to energy perception, I have developed methods to help people who come to me, or who come to my courses, to open up the layers of stuck energy that are blocking their way. This is different for everyone, even if at first glance the problem seems the same.


My goal is to pass on these methods and to teach people self-reliance and personal responsibility. And I have experienced countless times, both in myself and in others, that this is the only way to our freedom and happiness.

Before I began to perceive these finer layers, I never realized so clearly that life is a vast miracle, with so much more going on than we experience, even though all these wonders are always present and available to us.

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