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Energies Speak Without Words

We keep talking, talking, talking... explaining, arguing, trying to convince each other. But a loving or devastating look says more, touches us more deeply than a thousand words! We can feel the negative thoughts or moods of others even if they say nothing. But so too is good cheer.

Our thoughts, moods and feelings are all energies that affect us and those around us, wittingly or unwittingly. Since we think that all this is invisible, it is not so important. But this is not the case, and anyone who has experienced the uplifting or devastating effects of the energy emitted by someone close to us can testify to this.

On the first day of the Energy Course, we do a series of exercises in pairs, with eyes closed. In this excercise two people sitting opposite each other will sense the attentional energy present between them. How clear, simple and powerful this is! It is a startling experience for many. We experience, also with our eyes closed, the sensation of someone looking at us in a straight line with a piercing gaze. "It feels terribly wrong," participants say. But when we change our gaze into an open, accepting gaze to the person opposite us, they experience a pleasant and reassuring feeling, even if their eyes are closed so they can't see our facial expressions. These wordless experiences are incredibly powerful because we suddenly realise what the quality of our presence alone does to our surroundings.

Thoughts are energies too.

In another series of exercises in the Energy Course we test the energy of thoughts. First we do a very simple energy test on a member of the group to see what his energy state is when he is emotionally neutral. Then I ask the group members to think any negative thoughts. The energy test that follows shows in a crystal clear way that the presence of these negative thoughts will immediately and automatically 'drain' the subject's energy level. As soon as the group members start thinking positive thoughts again, the subject's energy is automatically boosted.

It may be hard to believe, but the same applies to negative or positive thoughts that we think about ourselves.

Why is it important to know and sense this?

Once you have experienced this and seen it with your own eyes, you will be much more aware of what it effect it has on you when you have a negative attitude towards yourself or someone else. You will no longer, for example, shame your child because he or she got a bad grade, and hope that this shaming will make him or her perform better. Because you feel and know in your own body that your negative thoughts and attitudes are negative energies that block the flow of energy, thus stifling your chind's abilities and potential.

What you will truly and permanently internalize in this course is that positive thinking, as such, is not just a buzzword, but the powerful foundation of a happy and fulfilling life!

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