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Two Chakras Talking - The Chakras are Our Inner Personalities

The chakras have been in my life for many years, but only in the last few years have I been able to really identify with them deeply and inwardly. Until this happened, the knowledge of chakras was theoretical knowledge for me, and as such, very interesting but not very useful.

Almost 20 years ago, in an intuitive moment, I had the idea that knowing the chakras would be the solution to my life. This realisation was not followed by action at the time, but eventually life led me to them, and made them the most fundamental way of living my life. All of this ultimately spurred me to elaborate in every detail and pass on this knowledge and experience to the world.

Chakras can be seen as different personalities that live within us. These different personalities can communicate with each other. Ideally, each chakra communicates with every other chakra. This communication determines how we relate to the world and how much we are able to develop ourselves.

To make this clearer, let me illustrate how the dialogue between my own root chakra and my crown chakra would have sounded, say 10 years ago.

I call the root chakra Gy and the crown chakra K.

K: - Are you there Gy?

Gy: - I don't know if I'm there.

K: - Why don't you know?

Gy: - Because I am not being listened to. I got lost on the way.

Q: - I'm interested in art, beautiful things, colours. Did you know that everything can be expressed in colours? Everything has colour. What is your colour?

Gy: - I don't know anything about colours. I'm not interested in colours. But if you really want to know, maybe something brownish, sometimes a little reddish. But I'm not sure about that either...

- And you K, who are you anyway? We don't know each other. You're so far away.

K: - Well, I do, I know myself, but I'm often rather hazy. Sometimes I have a good insight, but then the fog comes again. Anyway, I don't care what you think or what you do. I am much superior to you.

G: - Yeah. But now that you've addressed me like that, how about we work together? We could learn from each other.

Q: - Ah, I don't need you. I can solve everything myself.

K: - Well, that must be true, because you are really more important than me.

From this dialogue it is clear that the 2 chakras are hardly aware of themselves, they feel separate and there is no harmony between them. Such a chakra position leads to a disintegrated personality.

The same conversation would now sound like this between my own root chakra and my crown chakra.

Q: - Gy, I don't ask if you are there because we are connected and I always feel your presence.

Gy: - Thank you for saying that. I always feel your presence too. It's changed a lot for me because I get a lot of attention. I can feel that my owner has realized that I am fundamentally important in her life and that she can't do anything without me. I feel important! I also see clearly that I really can't do anything on my own.

Q: - I told you about colours the other day, remember? Do you know what colour you are now?

G: - Yes, of course! I have the power of an erupting volcano. That's why my colour, when I'm really in shape, is fiery red.

- And how are you, K?

K: - Thank you for your question. I'm doing great! Wonderful things have opened up for me. You have no idea what a huge space there is in and around me. Everything is full of wisdom and beauty. Everything is light and airy!

Gy: - Oh, this is exciting! But it sounds like everything is floating. With me everything is concrete, tangible, real!

Q: - I think you're right: it's time to collaborate.

Something tells me clearly that without you, dear Gy, even though I know everything, I can't do anything in this world!

In the first dialogue, the root chakra and the crown chakra are isolated from each other, and neither is at its full potential. In the second conversation it is clear that awareness has been created and the possibility of cooperation has been born.

Over the years, it has become clear to me that it is also very important to turn theoretical knowledge about our chakras into personal experience and tangible reality.

The theoretical knowledge is always outside of us. Thought is abstract. But the personal experience, the perception is ours. It makes a big difference whether we know that the root chakra reflects our relationship to the physical world, or whether we perceive its meaning within ourselves as an everyday reality.

To return to my own example: when I began to perceive that my root chakra was permanently closed, and even that this closure was the fundamental tendency of this chakra, then theoretical knowledge became sensed and embodied reality. I began to understand why I was floating, why I could not really embody my ideas and desires, and I realised that this was the source of the constant feeling of frustration in my daily life.

Our chakras are living personalities, with their own life wisdom and their own problems to solve. The more we can relate to them in a simple, clear and life-like way, the more in harmony they become with each other and serve our desires and life goals.

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