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Clairsentience - What Does it Mean?


I invite you to read this short text about the greatest discovery of my life!

I would like to tell you briefly what clairsentience means and how I became clear-sentient. One thing is obvious to me: clairsentience is a completely natural process that, in my opinion, anyone can learn. It is true that when I discovered this ability in myself a few years ago, my life and everything I had thought about life until then changed completely. This was the beginning of the greatest adventure of my life!


Everyone is able to perceive the physical signals of the body in their own body, for example, pain or pleasant feelings. When we pay attention to our own body's signs, we realize that different thoughts and emotions can be felt in different ways and places. But usually we don't pay much attention to these signs, seeing them only as "I feel good" or "I don't feel good," something hurts or doesn't hurt.

The more we open ourselves to the various bodily sensations we perceive within ourselves, the more nuanced and diverse we can understand their signs. A wonderful world unfolds before us, with many nuances, and with it the power and beauty of our physical existence increases and our respect for our bodies grows. This is the world of energies! Thoughts and feelings that appear in us are energies, and energies are always carriers of information!

Who would not like to better understand what is happening within him or her and the energies that underlie these events? After all, this alone is a very important step in our lives and in our attitude towards ourselves and life in general. So it is worth learning this, because these inner perceptions are the finetuned mechanics and the compass of our existence.


Clairsentience goes one step further. It means that one not only feels the energies flowing or stagnating in one's own body, but can perceive the same in others as well. Clairsentience means that I can not only see with my two eyes that someone is furious, for example, but I can also feel this at a distance and detect what is causing his anger, at what level he is energetically stuck or blocked. So I don't see the event itself, I feel the energy behind it. Moreover, a true clairsentient perception does not require the person to be present, or for the clairsentient to even know him or her personally.

How is this possible? This is neither magic nor witchcraft. It is the world of energies.

Every person, every being on earth, has an aura, a cloud of energy, an aura, if you will. These energies constantly alternate and transform themselves through external and internal influences. Each individual energy cloud is connected to a Universal Energy. This Universal Energy space contains all the information.

The essence and basis of clear-sentience is to refine our own perception in such a way that we can still grasp these intangible energies/information that we cannot perceive using the five senses we are familiar with.


I have been practicing meditation, self-development in consciousness, study of the chakras, creativity and reading and studying everything about this for decades. I have trained myself for years to focus my attention on my body's signals and try to understand them. Then, a few years ago, sitting in an airplane, at an altitude of over 12,000 feet, I discovered that when I thought of someone else, everything in my body and my energy system changed. Then I thought of yet another person and it happened again, a complete transformation inside. So during the flight I was going over a whole series of people in my mind, friends and acquaintances, observing how different I felt each time. In the following period, I tried to feel only people I knew. In the next phase, I addressed myself to acquaintances of my acquaintances so I could get feedback on the accuracy of the observations. And not long after that, others, people I did not know personally, began to ask me what I felt 'about' them.

Increasingly, these external and internal energetic observations began to occupy my more and more of my attention and my time. My life began to change at a rapid pace. The small or larger pieces of the puzzle of my past took their organic place in this new context. And in proportion, the number of people who asked me to 'feel' their problems through clair-sentient perception, began to grow.

Thus a complete transformation of my life took place in a very short time, leading to even more joy in life and a very different much more clear view of life.

This transformation was the beginning of a larger, comprehensive transformation that will never come to an end.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time and attention!

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