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Energies and Pain

When I discovered the world of energies a few years ago, I was forced into this path by constant fatigue and physical pain. For a long time I had been searching for a solution, going from doctor to doctor, from course to course. I met a lot of wonderful people and received a lot of information along the way, but the real breakthrough came when I realized that the most important and first step was to change my own perspective! How do I see and perceive myself? As a psyche locked up inside physical matter, or as an open and fluid energy system?

This question led me directly to the realization that indeed everything is energy: my body, my thoughts, my relationships, the whole universe itself! My previous view, in which matter and psyche were the dominant elements, had permeated my life with a sense of impermanence and immutability. My being, as a flexible and open energy system, made freedom and possibility the basic resonance of my life.

From this new basic feeling, I began to think that if everything is energy, then pain is energy.

Pain - whether it is physical, psychological or spiritual, is the result of a blockage in the flow of energy. This seems unbelievable, and may sound to some like New Age gibberish. But from an 'all energy' mindset, the truth of this is clear!

A sore spot in the body indicates that the energy is not flowing in the optimal way in that area. When energy is blocked, it is felt as a spasm, a contraction. This spasm acts like a wall: energy cannot pass through.

It works the same way on the psychic level. If we have a problem that we don't want to deal with or cannot deal with, it causes a blockage in our life, at the level of psychic energy. True, it may not hurt as much as physical pain, or it may be easier to sweep under the carpet, but that doesn't mean that the problem is resolved. And until it is resolved, it and its energy remains there as a barrier.

Energies can get stuck at the spiritual level too. The spiritual level connects us to the larger, universal whole. The 'energy blockage' that develops on that level relentlessly pushes us back into the material world, limiting our intuition and inspiration.

The interesting thing is that all these energy blockages can express themselves as physical pain.

From an 'all energy' perspective, it is not of primary importance to know what is causing the pain in order to reduce the discomfort. From this perspective, the important thing is to restore a state of energy that allows free flow. Because anything that is closed can only move within itself, and anything that moves within itself, flows within a closed system, forms a vortex. And the vortex pulls inwards and downwards.

In my work I have found the most effective energetic method to be one that approaches the blockage experienced on all three energy levels - physical, psychic and spiritual.

In short, this is what I can say about unblocking a blocked energy system. First, we must recognize that a system is closed. Second, we need to open ourselves to opening the system. Third, we need to give direction to the energies that are released. Because whatever we do not give direction to, will either flow uncontrollably or get stuck at the first obstacle. And we often fear this state of undirected energy so much that we prefer to keep the painful area closed altogether.

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