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Invisible things

I've always been most interested in the things that nobody notices, the things that are almost invisible. Even as a child I remember telling someone that the most important thing in life is to see how a baby blinks. Looking back over the decades, it's strange to hear a young girl say that.

Long afterwards, when I was working as an artist, I still had the desire to work with materials that were almost invisible, and with luminescent phenomena: glass, coloured filters, barely visible veil-like meshes, transparent photographs, ... and invisibility as a material is no small challenge for a sculptor...

It was this fascination that eventually led to the birth of the Secrets of Looking program. The first Secrets of Looking courses were still based on my artist's vision and offered ways to become aware of and deepen our relationship with the real, visible world. These simple but wonderful observations can touch us deeply and take us back to an inner level we rarely allow ourselves to reach in our everyday lives. And yet the things we observe in the course, like the small details or events in nature, are always present around us!

Through an irresistible attraction, I gradually entered the invisible world, the world of energies. Since I arrived here, some years ago, everything has changed: my view of life, my career, the country I live in, my health, my belief system, .... So I can safely say that although the world of energies is indeed invisible to the naked eye at first glance, it is the basis and essence of everything.

David Feinstein Ph. D., a clinical psychologist and husband of the world-renowned energy healer Donna Eden, writes: "If we learn to transform these energies, we will be able to influence our health, emotions and state of consciousness."

All I can say to that is: "YES! REALLY"!

Since then I have been immersed in the world of energies, and since then my main motivation in life has been to continue to deepen and pass on my knowledge to the world. Because the invisible world of energies is not only immensely fascinating, but also infinitely useful for our daily lives.

Kötcse, December 2020

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