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Perceptions at dawn (and a review of the energy reading).

This short article was written in the summer of 2022, when I started every morning in our home in Kötcse by clairsentient perception of someone who had asked me to. It is with great affection that I share the experience of these early morning sensations. At the end of this short post, I'll add a review someone wrote about what they got out of the clairsentient perception.

Every morning for the past two weeks I have sat down at the big table overlooking the garden to connect with someone in energy. I opened the two patio doors: the mysterious tranquility of the garden and the happy, liberated songs of birds filled the space.

And then came YOU, every morning another YOU, another soul energy. This 'YOU' was mostly someone I had never seen or met before, someone I didn't know personally.

These were incredible and wonderful encounters in the early hours of the morning, as the space between us opened up and your energy began to flow towards me and then merge with mine. Indescribably beautiful and intimate moments.

It is a great gift of life that I have been able to make this kind of subtle connection with others and through them with the veil of energy behind feelings, actions and thoughts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your trust, even if you are not familiar with it, and I hope that you will receive something from me that will make life more beautiful and better for you, just as you have contributed to the beauty and happiness of my life. Because as one of my favorite sayings points out, "What you give is yours forever."

Thank you!

A review on a clairsentient energy reading.

"When I talked to Agnes about doing a clairsentient reading for me,

I honestly didn't know what to expect, what it would mean and what would be the result. In a few sentences I wrote to Ágnes about the issues I was concerned about and sent a photo of myself. Then Ági told me about her perceptions in a video-call, and I received the results of the reading in writing.

After the first few sentences I could hardly speak. I had no expectations - in fact, no idea - about the possible 'results', but what I heard surprised me tremendously.

Here was someone who had 'seen through' to the very core of my system, my

my functioning, my Self. The deepest processes, questions, doubts within me were revealed in crystal clear light and I was given explanations for things that had been bothering me for a very long time. Many times my own perception got entangled in my own reactions, perceptions and experiences.

Ágnes led me out of this maze.

The information she gave me brought crystal clear answers, INSIGHT, and recharged me

with POWER, a sense of security, calm, and clarity.

It undid the uncertainty I had been feeling. An infinitely clear picture and understanding of my BEING became apparent. The truth of what I had sometimes gotten hints of, but had only suspected or guessed.

It was a liberating, life-changing experience for me to receive Agnes' clear-sentient energy reading.

I was very, very inspired to continue on my own path, on a higher level of energy, feeling and understanding than before.

I am very grateful!"


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